Is Vocabulary Important in Language Learning?

Yes, In simple words vocabulary is the basis of language. It is the raw building blocks of the language that helps to express thoughts, ideas, opinions and grow relationships.

As British linguist David A Wilkins says

“without grammar, very little can be conveyed;

without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.”

To simply put it think about how children acquire language. Before they ever attempt complex structures, they’ll utter single words such as ‘duck’, ‘ball’ and ‘teddy’ and are usually able to communicate what they want.

Firstly, the focus on improving vocabulary can be a stepping stone to higher levels of language fluency. Put simply, the more vocabulary you know, the easier it will become to improve your language skills. For starters, this knowledge will allow you to access a wider range of learning materials designed for both native and non-native speakers.

Secondly, rich vocabulary is associated with greater academic performance. Needless to say, Many English as Second Language students are studying English because they want to attend an English-speaking university, excel at higher level study and land a well-paying job. A large vocabulary can help them do just that.

How can help in building vocabulary? has variety of resources from Case Studies, Videos, Pod Casts, Simulations, E-Books etc which are classroom ready. Teachers can use them to deliver interactive lessons by using platform.

Edustack's case studies are the good way to start building Vocabulary for students. Click here is know more about Case Studies

Each of the case study has inbuilt Questions to improve vocabulary of students. Teachers can use the pre-made questions or can create their own questions.

Once the case study is pushed in to the classroom the system automatically checks and improves the vocabulary on a regular basis.

May it be Science or Social Studies case studies, the students will gain now vocabulary on a regular basis. This will ensure that students acquire new vocabulary making the process subject agnostic.

Lastly, "Your understanding of what you read and hear is, to a very large degree, determined by your vocabulary, so improve your vocabulary daily."- Zig Ziglar

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