Digital, Interactive Worksheets for your classroom.

No printouts, no photos, no uploads!

Hassle-Free, digital, interactive, differentiated, worksheets you can share in your classroom.

Edustack dgital wroksheets

Powering 500+ schools

Enroll your school for free and get access to thousands of digitally interactive worksheets aligned to your curriculum ready to be sent to your classrooms

Digital Worksheets
Create or Use one of our oven-ready creative worksheets

Search through 1000's of curriculum mapped worksheets or create your own. Embed interactive elements to make it interesting for kids to learn

Digital Worksheets
Assign to your classroom as Homework or Assessment or Remediation

Differentiated worksheets for students based on the learning requirement.

Worhseet analytics
Auto-Generate Reports

Forget about checking and marking worksheets! Collect auto-generated student performance reports for worksheets along with identification of learning gaps and areas of scope of improvement

Enable every child through school licences
  • Empower teachers with unlimited access to everything they need to engage students

  • Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration with differentiated worksheets

  • Maximize impact with even more access to additional worksheet creation, sharing, and delivery features

Simple Pricing

Create classrooms

Create or use readymade Worksheets

Assign worksheets

Evaluate and generate instantaneous feedback

Teacher Plan
School Plan

Teacher plan +

Customised worksheets

Dedicated Academic Excellence Partner

Custom reports

Auto remediation workflow

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